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‘Special’ Get Acquainted Session


Let’s evaluate your marketing results and business goals.

  • Review specifics
  • Discuss challenges
  • Think effectiveness

Make the time, get focused, do more…

Request A ‘Fresh Plan of Action’ Session


Invest in the time to develop a smarter strategy to boost your business.

  • Note your expertise
  • Identify your product
  • Know your customer

Itemized in writing and ready to use…

A ‘New Or Improved’ Marketing Plan


We’ll review the specifics of your existing marketing plan or program.

  • Itemize expenses
  • Weigh income/profit
  • Calculate ROI

Designed to ‘Spend Less, Earn More’…

Graduated Rates For Project Proposals

$25 – 100

Project estimates are based on your specific project needs.

  • Coordinate, Produce
  • Copywriting, Editing
  • Virtual or with Travel

Handled for you or working together…

*Allow 90 Minutes For Sessions Based On $75 Hourly Rate


Contributing, Supporting, and Encouraging Passions

Get What You Need, Do What You Know…

Custom consulting, creative and strategic assistance; one-on-one instruction, all kinds of project services, and more. These are the jobs I love to do everyday. Marketing is one of my greatest passions. – Michele Anderson

  •  Mindset Then Marketing Support - You Do The Work, You'll Get It Right. - Polish Your Thinking By The Session
  •  Smart Marketing Plans And Budgets - Vital For Your Business - And Profits. - Get Organized By The Session
  •  WordPress And Social Media Instruction - You Name It... What Do You Want To Do? - Learn By The Session
  • Online Setups: Websites & Social Media - New Or Updated - As You Like - Request An Affordable Proposal  
  •  Custom 'Brand' Consulting - Pull It All Together, Modify As Needed. - Great Improvements In One Session
  •  Custom Marketing Services - Twice As Much Handled Working Two At A Time... - Graduated Hourly Rates

*Allow 90 Minutes For Sessions; Shorter Sessions By Request


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This is cool! - Ongoing 'Small Business Support' Projects Include: Consulting Sessions, Simple Assistance, Specific Services, Qualified Referrals, Fees By The Hour, Pay As You Go, Affordable And Effective, On Your Call, Marketing Plans, Budgets, Strategies, Copywriting, Editing, Concepts, Branding, Graphic Design, Logos, Advertising, Social Media Networking, Websites, Blogging, Special Promotions, Special Events, Work Together Or Independently, Short-term or Long-term, Mindset And Motivation Coaching, Encouragement, Collaboration, New Partnerships, Free Ideas Always, Free Online Generated Website Performance Evaluations, And More...


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