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Q. So… ‘What’s in it for me’ working with
A. 30 years+ of real world marketing experience, knowledge, advice, and direction.

Everything posted here is offered to help you improve your own marketing efforts. Look around and I’m sure you’ll find a note or two you can use in one way or another in the future. If not, I encourage you to complain!


Q. Let’s get to it, what’s your IO… Irresistible Offer?
A. Free Ideas…

“Get your free ideas here.” Marketing is all about Visionary Thinking and Problem Solving Ideas. When you need a special idea, be sure to ask. Coming up with great ideas is one of my favorite things to do. It’s fun and I would be happy to collaborate on something with you.

Offer your ideas and comments on any page… because good ideas are for exchanging. It’s like a flea market, where one guy’s trash is another guy’s treasure. You never know how your idea could work perfectly for someone else…


Q. Do you have a great USP – Unique Selling Position?
A. I do. My USP is ‘real knowledge and 30+ years of marketing experience’ working with small and large businesses.

Lots of real experience is exactly what sets Marketing Methods apart, online or offline, from many marketing professionals. Real credentials are often disregarded and ignored today. It’s a remarkable privilege for me today, to share my years of professional experience with subscribers this way.

Over time I developed a second, very important USP. It’s about knowing ‘What Not To Do’ when marketing your business online today. I’ve learned; sometimes I learned the hard way, too. Now that I know… you should know, as well. It’s a priviledge to protect the best interests of the people and the businesses I serve.


Q. How do I go about working with you and getting your help in the future?
A. Call or  email anytime.

I’ll give you my best direction and suggestions. It’s that simple. There’s no charge for proposals or leadership. Right?! Just like ideas, recommendations and suggestions are also free from Marketing Methods. I’m not everyone’s expert, but it’s been my job for years to give great direction. My service entails 1) networking, 2) knowing what you require, 3) enabling you, 4) doing a job myself, or 5) offering a referral to an expert who can do a specialized job for you.


Q. But, what if I want a lot more help from you?
A. When you do, we’ll make arrangements and get to work.

I offer Custom Consulting or Project Services on an hourly basis. There’s no need for a long term relationship unless you want one, no mark up of expenses or resale of anything to you, just the help you need… It’s professional assistance you can afford for all of your ‘Marketing Then Mindset’ matters, one hour at a time. It’s always your call.


Q. Is there anything else special I should know?
A. Yes. was founded as an ’internet safe place’.

This means you don’t have to worry about receiving bad information, being taken advantage, paying too much, or not getting your money’s worth. I forged my own way to the Internet, built a website marketplace of my own, and I’ve met with a lot of resistance and ‘challenges’ along the way… I don’t believe in persuading or challenging anyone to buy ‘an impossible dream’.

Long before Marketing Methods was founded in 1995, I represented the business of others as if their success were my own.


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