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Blog Byte: It’s About ‘The’ People; Capitalism Is What Makes Your Small Business All-American

Blog Byte: It’s About ‘The’ People; Capitalism Is What Makes Your Small Business All-American

Let’s not throw the ‘baby’ or our economic system of capitalism out with the dirty, political bathwater. The people ‘We’ elect to represent our democracy, are the people who have allowed big business, excessive power and control over net wealth and the US economy.

Now get this: The ‘people’ who represent us are both ‘the’ challenge and ‘the’ solution — not capitalism. By design, elections are the key to improving the economic and the political systems of the United States of America. What’s more, the people who represent us are theonly ones who can deliver real-life, real-time solutions.

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Small Business Marketing: Do What You Know… With Passion.

Pursuing your passion is truly important. But our passions aren’t always in agreement with our knowledge and experience. So while a passion may drive you, your education is what really makes your success possible.

To ‘do what you know’ seems like business common sense, yet it’s often ‘the’ criteria ignored by both new and doggedly steadfast, online entrepreneurs. The vast majority of online marketers are ignoring many of the most significant factors that are vital for managing or marketing a profitable business. These marketers are dropping nearly everything – just to attach themselves plus all of their energy, to their dreams of becoming a successful Internet marketers. Their primary goal is simply to become someone who ‘spends lots of time at the beach and travels anywhere they want’ as a lifestyle.


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Master-Minding Dedicated To Inspiring You

Master-Minding Dedicated To Inspiring You

People Who Believe In The Greatness Of Others -
I discovered something I didn’t expect to find ‘in a million years’. It’s monumental to me now, and so simple at the time. I introduced myself to a unique group of people. They are from everywhere, and they are busy doing all kinds of different things. They spend quality time collectively improving each other. Together they are the Million Mind March, lead by an unusual and powerfully positive man named, Joe Schroeder.

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Giveaways Are Like Messages In A Bottle

Giveaways Are Like Messages In A Bottle

Give It Away and Let It Market For You…
Make great impressions first, and for an unlimited number of times… I’m recommending giveaways you can touch. I’m not promoting the electronic giveaway you see on the Internet today. Before online marketers developed the online marketing ‘giveaway’ strategy, the ‘thing’ you gave away was exactly that! Some-thing for sure.

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Save More On The Cost Of Your Energy

Save More On The Cost Of Your Energy

Sun And Wind And Even Rain To the Rescue! -
Have you considered fighting your addiction to everyday fuel and energy sources? I know there are still lots of people who think, “Are you kidding me!” “What addiction?” “Why bother?” “How am I supposed to do that?” Well first, learn about using the improved energy sources available to you today. Consider the new ways and the ways people have used for centuries. It’s one of the best contributions you can make to yourself and the world.

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