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New Online Advantages Continue To Bloom

New Online Advantages Continue To Bloom

A Website Is An ‘Online’ Marketplace Now -
Your mind is made up, you’re in gear, and you have a business of your own now. Congratulations, you may have been doing this for a lifetime or you may be an all new entrepreneur. All of us are learning how to benefit from the web and our options multiply by the year. It doesn’t matter where you are along the time line, because now is when ‘new online strategies’ can begin to help your business, too.

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Get With Marketing Technology, Now

Get With Marketing Technology, Now

IT’S DO OR DIE TIME… To Use The Web As A Marketing Tool – You must put a portion of your marketing focus on the marketing resources available online. While some of us are ahead of others in vital ways, we’re all still learning to do the right things. Aside from a few exceptions to using the web for business marketing, in what seems like no time, having a ‘web plan’ will be as conventional as having a ‘business card’ is today. How have you adjusted your strategy to include web-based tools?

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Online Marketing: Keep It Simple!

Online Marketing: Keep It Simple!

Be Realistic and Learn As You Go -
You may have a few stories to tell about your own experience with online marketing… You may even know for sure, that you don’t want to ‘do this or that’ ever… again. I know for myself that a costly experience can happen in a flash, and when you least expect it. Things you don’t want to repeat can happen more than once… as well. But there’s good news, too.

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Should Your Website Be A Blogsite Now?

Should Your Website Be A Blogsite Now?

It All Happened So Fast, So Now What? -
A blog or a web-log is a virtual, online ‘marketplace’ and not just a website or an ‘online’ brochure anymore. It wasn’t that long ago when marketers were adapting to the all-new technology of faxing! It was like magic then, and faxing has been old news for years and has nearly been replaced by newer technologies. Now it’s about blogging, plus shopping, membership sites, and forums, to name a few.

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A Quick Look At Internet Marketing

A Quick Look At Internet Marketing

It’s Always Worked Like This, Only Now It’s Much Faster -
Marketing will always be in many ways about the ‘art of capture’. No matter what you’re selling, you must have prospects. Over the last few years, marketers of everything you can think of have developed all new ways to reach a multitude of prospects online using the Internet. It’s fast, too… My teen gets information online for me about anything in no time, whenever I ask. It’s no longer necessary to wonder whether or not a business has a website or extended presence online.

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