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In The Beginning…

Before The Internet Merged Fully Into Mainstream Marketing…


I managed successful marketing endeavors relying on ‘traditional or conventional’ marketing disciplines long before the Internet exploded into our lives. Marketing Methods was founded in 1995 to provide freelance consulting and project services, and continues to support you and your business from an online marketplace today. – Michele Anderson

My professional approach…

Along with other leading marketers, I have also adopted the Internet media as an integral part of my business strategy. I am focused on encouraging a positive mindset, better marketing, advance planning, and helping you to execute sound business development of the most authentic kind.

For a list of the most valuable resources I rely on and recommend throughout the site, please see the Smart Resources Page.

Here’s what I do…

I offer custom consulting and project support services, and work closely with small business owners, managers, and independent entrepreneurs who support small and thriving, micro-businesses of their own. Call on me as others do, when you want mindset, marketing, or creative direction available by appointment on a simple hourly basis.

For more information about my support services, please see the Services Page.

To sum things up…

Visionary Thinking and Problem Solving Ideas’ have guided my success for many years, as well as the future of those I serve. I gladly enable ambitious professionals with the specialized knowledge they want and can use on their own. Sharing my expertise and practicing in this way has worked out well, and suits my natural passion for making a contribution and a difference on my own.

Being ‘A World Away from Ordinary’ means that I believe for myself and for you, that just about anything you can imagine doing and more, IS possible. That’s how I see it and I encourage you to see it this way, too.


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This is cool! - Ongoing 'Small Business Support' Projects Include: Consulting Sessions, Simple Assistance, Specific Services, Qualified Referrals, Fees By The Hour, Pay As You Go, Affordable And Effective, On Your Call, Marketing Plans, Budgets, Strategies, Copywriting, Editing, Concepts, Branding, Graphic Design, Logos, Advertising, Social Media Networking, Websites, Blogging, Special Promotions, Special Events, Work Together Or Independently, Short-term or Long-term, Mindset And Motivation Coaching, Encouragement, Collaboration, New Partnerships, Free Ideas Always, Free Online Generated Website Performance Evaluations, And More...


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