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You won’t find a ‘get rich scheme’ or misrepresented ways for achieving overnight success here. You will find a 24/7 online resource for smart ideas loaded with enrichment and real potential. – Michele Anderson

Marketing Methods has a unique value to offer you – if you are:
  1. Dedicated to advancing your marketing skills and knowledge of strategies
  2. Learning to use both traditional and online marketing disciplines – together
  3. Executing a focused, success-driven, business development plan
Want to improve your marketing results?
  • Your marketing will improve by adopting a: Mindset Then Marketing approach.
  • Working smarter with a positive mindset are two qualities most successful marketers have in common.
  • migrated online several years ago to provide marketers an internet Safe Place…
  • In other words, is a rare, cyber-space oasis.
  • It’s an online marketing community where you can relax, ask questions, and contribute your ideas, too.
  • Think of as Your Marketing Source…
  • The place where you can get straightforward, marketing knowledge and advice anytime you need it.
You may not find everything you’re looking for here…

But, I’m positive you’ll find more than a few good ideas that will make a positive impact on your future marketing efforts. I am confident you will find browsing the site a rewarding and helpful experience.


“We Are Family” – Brief Introductions



Michele M. P. Anderson

Marketing Manager And Creative Director

I like to tell it like it really is… and I like to do it without using unnecessary hype or providing any unrealistic expectations. I am all about keeping it real. Those who know me know, that what you see is truly what you get. I’m serious about business and professionalism, but I always enjoy humor, like to have fun, and have been known to unleash a bit of unbridled enthusiasm and creativity into my work. Most importantly, I encourage you to consider your mindset before getting down to the work we enjoy so much as marketers. With that all said, please let me introduce myself… I am Michele Anderson. Welcome again to the online, virtual home of Marketing Methods.
Phone: (888) 712-1537 Or (239) 980-8017





Eric M. Anderson

After-Hours Consultant And Director Of Advertising

Eric Anderson is the guy we all want to talk to about marketing strategy. With an Advertising degree in tow, Eric has been managing million dollar advertising budgets for nearly thirty years. His approach focuses on the nuts & bolts, and the dollars involved and invested into measurable results. He is also a creative director and has offered a great deal to the branding of Marketing Methods over the years. Eric is available for consulting sessions after-hours and on weekends by appointment. Feel free to contact him directly by email.






Max A. Anderson

Information Technology Specialist

Max Anderson is the teenage son of Eric and Michele Anderson. Raised in a creative, Apple environment… Max developed a strong interest in technology when he was young. He currently has eleven professional IT (information technology) certifications earned in a unique High School program in our school district. When you are challenged by the technology related to your computer, Max may be able to offer some valuable insight, and offer you local or virtual service. He currently works part-time for a local computer service business. Learn more about Max’s growing professional credentials by visiting his website -

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