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Small Business Marketing: Do What You Know… With Passion.

Not only does it make sense to do what you know, it’s likely exactly what makes your business profitable.






Pursuing your passion is truly important. But our passions aren’t always in agreement with our knowledge and experience. So while a passion may drive you, your education is what really makes your success possible.

To ‘do what you know’ seems like business common sense, yet it’s often ‘the’ criteria ignored by both new and doggedly steadfast, online entrepreneurs. The vast majority of online marketers are ignoring many of the most significant factors that are vital for managing or marketing a profitable business. These marketers are dropping nearly everything – just to attach themselves plus all of their energy, to their common dream of becoming successful Internet marketers. Their primary goal is simply: to become someone who ‘spends lots of time at the beach and travels anywhere they want’ as a lifestyle.

While some folks may be happy with 1. a job where they are earning without fulfilling their passions, or 2. knowing that an ‘off the seat of your pants’ career does happen for some, the very best plan will always call for 3. acquiring valuable training and the credentials that substantiate your know-how.

When your passion is a broad idea like – ‘to help other people’ – you must ask yourself, “What do I know that I am qualified to help with…?” The questions get a tougher and you must also ask, “What qualifies me to share ‘what I know?” and even more importantly, “How am I going to develop a business doing it?”

Very Business 101… right? But still, there are zillions of people qualified to do all kinds of ‘other’ things, yet they are fully committed and attempting to build businesses ‘to help other people ‘ do online, what they don’t really know ‘how to’ do successfully themselves. Savvy? So to review: #1 Really know what you know… do what you know passionately. Mind your own niche.

This is how it works for what’s successful today and certainly will be for nearly everything in the future. Only after you know… is it time to achieve popularity, or in 21st century talk, achieve ‘attraction’ marketing success.


As a seasoned communicator and avid marketing manager, Michele Anderson, gladly offers the content on as a 24/7 marketing resource for finding answers or direction to all kinds of marketing questions that prompt small business managers to seek support.


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