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Positive Steps Trump Major Challenges

Smart Marketers Backup Their Data As A Disciplined Marketing Strategy
When my content was gone, there was little and in reality – absolutely nothing I could do.




Iwant everyone to know that the bottom-line, when it comes to handling any type of challenge, will always be about taking positive steps. Pray exclusively if you like, but without taking positive steps… where do you think you’ll find yourself in the future?

A revelation prompted this post and its message applies to all of the Categories focused on by the blog. The revelation is this: Computer backup of data of every kind is vitally important, BUT for your website: Not backing up your content or data – is NOT an option.

You might wonder how I had this revelation? You may also have a current backup of your site. It came as a result of not properly backing up the content I posted to the site for many months. When my content was gone, there was little and in reality – absolutely nothing I could do. It happened in May this year. Good content, all of the content I’d written and compiled for Marketing Methods between June 2010 and May 2011, a full year’s worth…. was simply gone one day. Worse yet, my only recourse was to have had a backup copy. And, I did not.

Now, my new readers and faithful subscribers can’t locate articles ‘indexed’ by the search engines. How’s that for dumb? Today, advanced hosting amenities and plugins galore, make it easy for even a technology novice to save and protect their website content with backup applications. So why me? Let’s not dig that deep here, but let it suffice to say: Taking positive steps allows recovery from any major challenge, and especially the most difficult ones that we are totally responsible for creating ourselves.

The site’s complete look then and the remaining content that wasn’t lost, has been totally reorganized since May 2011. As of this posting, new, ‘fresh’ postings are being added and the momentum a well-managed website can create – will begin anew. This is a big positive step for me, following a series of much more difficult ones, if I don’t say so myself. I’m ready to do this now.


As a seasoned communicator and avid marketing manager, Michele Anderson, gladly offers the content on as a 24/7 marketing resource for finding answers or direction to all kinds of marketing questions that prompt small business managers to seek support.


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