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We’re all treated poorly more often than we like, but how often do you go back for more?




Show You Care’ By Staying In Touch… Be Responsive And Always Call To Follow Up.


Caring about other people is the chief way to build your business with a strong foundation. Experts agree, there’s no doubt about it. We’re all treated poorly more often than we like, but how often do you go back for more? You don’t always, right?!

I’m more understanding that most and I seldom complain… but I do know this and I’ve watched it in action: Without superior customer service skills, your business doesn’t stand a chance.

Your most loyal customers feel important and valued. Think about it for a second. I almost wrote a book on this, way back when ‘I answered all the complaint calls… and responded to every customer’. Believe me, I heard a lot at the time and I heard some things more than once. What a fantastic, learning opportunity ‘taking complaint calls’ turned out to be over the years for me.


I support the school of thought that taught me then to ‘Show You Care’ all the time… and in every possible way. I know what a valued customer or contact wants. Concern for customer service, satisfaction, and loyalty is a very real and viable marketing strategy.

It’s always the right time to make more telephone calls. It strengthens our relationships with associates, contacts, family and friends. You’d be amazed how much goodwill you will earn and new information you’ll exchange. We all love to be remembered. You know it’s true. To make a real impression, pick up the phone to give or get the facts. Like… in person, one-to-one.

Call your customers more often because they appreciate hearing from you more than you know. Use the phone with real purpose and with discipline, to improve your overall approach to customer service. Doesn’t it upset you… when it’s impossible or you’re not welcomed to reach a company representative on the phone? We’re not always sure who we’re going to reach anyway, even if we trick the system and get through. You know you’ve tried…

Phone service isn’t as important a priority as it used to be for businesses. During the last decade, calling went ‘out of style’ and a formal or a simple letter or note by mail is almost extinct. The Internet started it all, and over time texting introduced many changes, too.

We all know how phone access or simply the ability to reach someone by phone is challenging everyone today. Your problem with a voice message service is very old news. Slipping a first name into an auto responder follow-up note isn’t enough. I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about…

Professionals check their email all day long. People wear a cell phone like it’s attached, and some off us don’t have land lines anymore. We all know that the younger generation relies on text… They won’t make phone call because, “that’s not the way it’s done…” I got this information from a teen that lives in my home.

Phone automation systems reduced basic telephone service to start. Next was the explosion of email usage. Email plus the ever increasing postage-rates, contributed to fewer calls and day-to-day letters. While we may be on the phone all the time, we’re there checking on our messages and responding on line.

The Internet has even cut into the volume of printed junk mail we receive. OK, that’s one good thing. But for individuals, groups and small businesses, the cost of a simple postcard or letter mailing of any volume, comes with a financial pinch. When was the last time you printed and mailed a letter or document using an envelope and stamp? Or better yet, sent a handwritten note simply expressing your appreciation?

Today we carry our ‘communication devices’ with us everywhere. We are totally available, well sort of that is… Then we communicate almost exclusively by email and text in brief moments of spare time. Some of us send messages while we drive… and we’re burned out managing it all. You may be staying in touch with others, but the unlimited expanse of the Internet separates you in a real sense, all of the time.

Customer service by calling or mailing the people you work with is a killer of an offline marketing strategy. To make a real impression, pick up the phone and ‘Show You Care’ by giving or getting the facts in person. Get to know the people who support your business better, by calling them to talk.

‘Show You Care’ in offline ways, and you’ll no doubt improve your business relationships. Your business will grow as a result, too. I dare you… just try it and experience the rewards for yourself.


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  1. Great info! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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