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Mindset And Motivation

Rest Your Mind And Balance Your Life


If it was so simple to improve we’d all be on top of the world…





Be Still, Affirm, Rest, And Soar! Improve Your Performance In Every Way.

If it was so simple to improve we’d all be on top of the world… Instead, most of us wrestle with the ‘balance’ of our multiple activities, day in and out and while we sleep at night, too. Knowing ‘what’ to do, day-to-day can be overwhelming. Especially with so many priorities to chose from in life. I know, that my life gets easier when I’m focused on ‘improving’ the balance I keep. And you can, too.

Rest and Share – Most people aren’t taking the time to rest ‘enough’ every day. Some keep their emotional matters close to their chests and refrain from sharing their challenges with others. With the long hours most of us keep, and the load of responsibility all of us carry, it’s understandable why we are not devoting enough time to rest or talking about our stress.

Rest and Balance – No matter where you are on the ’stress level’ scale today, just like me you’ve said at one time or another, “I’m losing my mind!” At that very moment it felt like you might… for a few minutes or more. The good news is that you knew it would pass. Right?! So while it was uncomfortable you walked it off,  restored the ‘balance’ in your thinking, and off you went… again.

Learn to improve your performance by focusing more on rest and a better balance of priorities. Eventually, the difficult, overwhelm moments happen less and less often.

Stress and Stability – When we’re stressed and don’t tend to all of our various needs, the added stress depletes our stability. When we feel unstable, we’re living in a totally unbalanced state. Have you been there a time or two? Or noticed it in others? To be happy and successful at the same time, you must be attentive to all the major areas that make up your life.

Burn out – It’s the ‘other areas’ we also care about, that give us something to think about, do, or accomplish to protect ourselves from burn out while doing one thing and not another… I’ve been there. And the other important areas in our life give us something positive to focus on when another important area of our life is encountering challenges.

New Focus – Sometimes we think about only one thing. Like another person, a problem, recreation, a hobby, diet & exercise, taking a long deserved break, and our challenges. With experience and as we mature, our main focus naturally changes. The end result is a greater focus on ‘working more’ and the success we are determined to achieve. Eventually… we’re all thinking about working more. It seems like that doesn’t it?

Eat and Rest – Aside from work and play, we all must eat and rest. When our wellness is in a healthy balance our appetites are ‘healthier’, too. We eat to live vs. live to eat, to be distracted, or reassured. You get the idea, and you know how this goes. We also neglect getting enough rest. While we need to eat ‘right’ to perform, we also need to rest ‘right’ by night and day, to perform at our best.

Sleep – Sleeping is the body’s most natural curative state. The physical stress our bodies endure daily is mended in numerous natural, holistic ways at night. While we’re sleeping, our subconscious mind also reviews, assesses, and learns. The ’subconscious homework’ we do while we’re sleeping, happens and contributes to the balance of our wellness whether we remember the dreams or not.

Rest Awake – When we wake up, most days we’re ready to roar or soar! But… sometimes we’re not. Aside from daily eating and sleeping habits, there’s one more important way we can all improve our performance every day. What we all need is more rest. I’m not talking about more sleep or vacation, even though most of us know that both will help! What we need more of daily is to simply ‘Be Still’. We need to be quiet while we’re awake, and learn to find comfort in stillness…

All people from the type A to the laid back types, will experience improved performance and wellness by adopting a regular habit of ‘being still’. All of us can learn how to create and improve ’stillness’ habits and get results. I am encouraging you to supplement your sleep with any form of simplified rest when you are awake and discover a valuable tool for your well being. Being still.

You can learn to all-out meditate, or you can simply be still. Being still helps us all to stay balanced and moreo thoughtful about all of our priorities. It refreshes us in deep down ways. Get in touch with yourself. Take casual walks, relax in the car listening to inspiring music. Listen to nature… dig in the garden if you like, but do something everyday without talking or thinking about anything else.


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