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Smart Option: Let It Rain Down On Me…

Accounting For Your Needs Will Increase Your Assets


Among other things, ‘increased assets’ is credited for helping reduce stress. Right?! While it sounds easy, taking care of ‘number one’ is a big job and it’s one smart option, too. Reducing stress is another whole matter… Budgeting may protect assets, but it’s commonly the last activity many people want to handle when it comes to managing a business. I feel this way and I know that ‘accounting for my assets and debits’ is the most important thing I can do to insure my success.


We would all be better off, I think, if we spent more time saving our income than consuming it. How many of us ‘do all the right things’ when it comes to managing the resources we work so hard to possess? I know a couple of people who make it their goal to save and budget first, but a whole lot more who are essentially living on empty.

The reason why, as my Dad explained it to me years ago, “everyone lives as high as their income will afford.” The generations old philosophy that believes in saving first and looking out for number one, prompted our conversation. Conservative wisdom – is right about the necessity for budgeting and saving. He was pointing out the error of the ‘boomer’ way of spending and the generations that followed. Low and behold, a great majority of us live with a lack of savings today… and it has to stop.

Do you know anyone ‘else’ who does all the right things with their money? You likely know already that the ones that are, are doing something right and something different from everyone else. For those who are getting it right, their time is well spent and the way they use it safeguards the the resources they begin to hold in reserve. The flow of abundance begins and seems to continue indefinitely for the fortunate ones… and it’s because they understand and respect the crucial balance between earning and spending their money.

Some people work to get it right and protect their assets with all their might, and some live without ever looking back… Like most of us, you may be keenly aware of the need that ‘Accounting For Your Success’ introduces to your lifestyle and business management load… But, you are not actively engaged in enough asset protection measures to really feel secure.

Let’s face it, we’re all short on time and have an excess of stress factoring the choices we make in our day-to-day lives. Next thing you know, another year or decade has passed. Many of us are simply out of touch with all of the responsibilities our assets represent. We’re not necessarily seeing the big picture, and we’re definitely not looking at the fine print either. I know, because I’ve had to learn.

With blessing, comes the kinds of responsibility we all want to assume someday. With great blessing, there is much more to do with the rewards we receive and we gladly prepare to share our wealth with others. A focus on increasing your assets to reduce stress is a great way to improve your life and relax more.

See… it’s a smart option, and it’s all yours to chose. Support your own progress; learn or recognize something new everyday… you are after all ‘Number One’.


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