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There are a lot of marketers in our global world today who are ‘working very hard’ to market their goods and services. Among them, there are a lot of marketers who are also ‘working hard’, but without the benefits of a professional marketing plan. A marketing plan is an offline marketing skill that is a necessity for success and not an option. Everyone is looking for the answer, and far too many ambitious marketers are also ignoring the facts.

Without a preconceived, well-thought-out marketing plan, all of your efforts will run the risk of being in danger. It’s a lot like a high wire act performing without a net. Think about it… you’re investing your time and your money into something you want to ‘pay for itself and pay you’, too.

Unless you’ve prepared a marketing plan and you’re committed to following it, you may have hope on your side… but you really don’t have ‘a plan’ or a real chance in #$% of marketing your business successfully. Without good marketing and smart marketing on your side, it’s unlikely your business will ever survive. I’m just repeating the facts.

You’ve heard this before… The best case scenario is that ‘one out of ten’ business owners will be successful at building their business. All the rest, well they will either continue, start over, or work for someone else.

The return on investment for your ‘very hard work’ will increase greatly when you have determined your direction and compiled a marketing plan to follow. A marketing plan may sound simple or even unnecessary, but unless you have professional experience working with marketing plans… putting one together may also seem impossible, like too much work, or not that important. All reasons why so many dedicated marketers are working without a plan at all. But also a lot like shooting yourself in the foot…

Let’s review the facts: You are in business to make money? Your business is your responsibility? The budget you are working with is not enormous but limited? Right?! I’m not a psychic, I’m relying on common sense. A business owner vs. an employee must think and act very differently about a business. It is crucial to know the difference, accept the responsibility, and have a marketing plan when a business is new, beginning to grow, or even mature.

There are no guarantees and there is no way to buy success. To make money, you must account for your time, the cost of being in business, along with every dollar you invest for marketing.

Smart entrepreneurs have solid goals and a business plan. They know what they spend, and are good at prospecting and delivering. What they don’t do well, they learn more about, practice themselves, and defer to other experts. Being successful, in a timely and affordable fashion requires commitment and focus. These ideas are tried and true, a part of conventional wisdom, and all significant beyond measure, today.

There is no time like the present to improve the foundation of your business. With every effort you make to take your business very seriously, your profit and loss will support the success you are working and planning for in the future.

I encourage you to simply ‘consider and compile’ all the details of a strategic marketing plan for your business. It doesn’t have to be large, it just has to be comprehensive and pointed in the right direction… like you!


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