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I discovered something I didn’t expect to find ‘in a million years’.”




Smart Option: The Million Mind March - People Who Believe In The Greatness Of Others.

I discovered something I didn’t expect to find ‘in a million years’. It’s monumental to me now, and so simple at the time. I was introduced to a unique group of people. They are from everywhere, and they are busy doing all kinds of different things. They spend quality time collectively improving each other. Together they are the Million Mind March, lead by an unusual and powerfully positive man named, Joe Schroeder.

This passage is from one of Joe Schroeder’s many messages about the Million Mind March:

Imagine a place where no one ridiculed your idea of self greatness. Imagine a place where people could actually participate in live forums, live events and live freedom prosperity calls and they could then live out-loud and “be” just as they thought they could.

Wow, what a concept. It’s a smart option for you, too. You can be a part of an active organization and community of positive people dedicated to nurturing  the ‘greatness’ of each other and everyone they meet. I consciously adopted positive thinking over three decades ago. I studied the nature of ‘greatness’ with a mentor who had a doctorate on the subject. Ten years later I found the Million Mind March. It’s a real pleasure to introduce you.

To be honest, I felt alone with my optimism through the years. My faith in the power of positive thinking has always been strong. But every time I turned around, someone else wanted to point out the reasons why being positive wasn’t smart, the way to go or see things about life. Joe Schroeder describes the group this way:

“We are a place… where taller minds actually speak into quieter minds and as a people, we raise each other up to become once and for all —– equal. Ben Franklin used this process. His club was called the “Junto.” Caesar had his own club and all greats including Andrew Carnegie —– the oil tycoon —– had a Master-Mind club.”

The Million Mind March is a living-alive-breathing place where everyone is included and your voice can and will be heard. It’s a gift you give to others because to expand a person’s self-image of themselves, is a rare jewel, a gift, that can never be returned and often multiplies.”

It turned out that the Million Mind March was the place and the people I’d always wanted to find. I made new friends and joined in the activities easily. They are a Free Thinkers Society and open to receiving millions of members in the future. All of my friends with the Million Mind March are happy and dedicated to making their world and the world around them a better place to be.

If you have been sitting on the fence, have big dreams and goals, often wonder what to do, care about yourself, and enjoy collaborating with other people – I would be happy to introduce you to The Million Mind March. Just let me know!


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