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Mindset And Motivation

Goals: Identify Exactly What You Want



Inspire Yourself And Improve Your Mindset

Fuel Your Motivation By Knowing Your Objective


When we’re reaching for the stars we’ve also got a good attitude… Things are looking up, and we’ve got more energy to burn than normal. Why? Because things aren’t normal! We’re thinking big, and the ‘stars’ we’re reaching for symbolize our future success. There’s a whole lot going on when we’re engaged in fulfilling our goals, and those of us who are ‘going for it’ want to do in all the right ways.

It’s like the chicken and the egg question… Which came first? The mind and the body work together whether we think about it or not. Your body gets the work done that’s required to be successful, and your mind dreams it up. How much more do you get accomplished when you’re motivated? The answer is a lot more, I know.

The real question is: How do you maintain your motivation? It’s a an age-old question and I want to give you the answer. But first, you have to know your Goal and be able to identify exactly what it is that you want to achieve. Motivation begins with a vision or idea in your mind that you want to fulfill or create for yourself.

Success is achieved by accomplishing one goal after another. It was literally ‘one step after another’ that got all of the jobs done in the world that we view today as successful enterprises. A home business started in the garage… worked really well for one billionaire we all know… Today, most people have offices or dedicated office space in their homes. Many of us are learning to supplement and even replace our career ‘employment’ income.

Marketing Methods is here to assist micro and small business owners and managers get their marketing goals in order. Mindset Then Marketing is my mission and supporting your motivation is my approach to helping you learn how to develop and manage a professional marketing plan. The ‘plan’ interestingly enough — features a marketer’s goals.

Your mindset is the sum and the results of how you think on a regular basis. It’s also where your intentions or goals are ‘born and factored in’ to the unfolding of your life. What you think is what you get. There’s no way around it, it’s a universal law or truth and the answer that many of us are searching for in life. Call it what you want, what you think Rules what ‘happens’ to you.

When you doubt something, you are reversing the momentum for achieving your goal. You are zapping the power that drives your motivation. A ‘belief’ in the exact same thing you doubt and in other things, can double or triple the likelihood that your intended goals will be achieved! That’s good odds, and it’s not a gamble but a promise based on universal law. You can count on it and yourself; this Answer to an age-old question is real.

So, “How do you maintain your motivation?” You start with inspiration: Inspiration improves your mindset, and your positive mindset fuels your motivation. Sounds sort of simple doesn’t it? 1) Identify what you are inspired to achieve, 2) stay motivated to accomplish it, and 3) take ‘one step after another’ toward your goals.

Conceive, believe, and achieve. I bet you’ve heard that one before, too… Here’s to maintaining a positive mindset and the future with your motivation in gear!


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