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Giveaways Are Like Messages In A Bottle

Before online marketers developed the online marketing ‘giveaway’ strategy, the ‘thing’ you gave away was exactly that!






CSmart Option: This One Covers A Lot Of Bases. Give It Away and Let It Market For You…

Make great impressions first, and for an unlimited number of times… I’m recommending giveaways you can touch. I’m not promoting the electronic giveaway you see on the Internet today. Before online marketers developed the online marketing ‘giveaway’ strategy, the ‘thing’ you gave away was exactly that! Some-thing for sure.

A giveaway in the conventional sense, is something a customer or prospect can wrap their hands around… carry away, show off, and use. Radio stations have had ‘prize closets’ for years. They can hardly keep their closets loaded with things considered ‘giveaways’. Listeners want to ‘win’ all kinds of things… Stuff from everywhere, and everyone, amounting to just about anything is appreciated by customers and contacts around the world.

You know the expression, “I did that and got the t-shirt.” My closet is loaded with imprinted t-shirts. Men have t-shirts and lots of imprinted caps. We’ve all got coolie cups. Realtors have used magnets as a primary giveaway item for years! How many pens do you have with advertising on them?

The point is that you can use these things, to promote your business offline and online, too. While you may not want to mail a coolie cup, you can mail all kinds of other things, including pens… and dozens of smaller everyday things. Something bulky in an envelope always causes us to open our mail. One of the oldest strategies in the book.

It’s not a problem getting your mail opened if your prospect or customer recognizes your return address and is anxious to know what you’ve sent them. When it’s a holiday, send your best customers something in a cush pack. If your business is primarily conducted online, what a surprise it will be to have something arrive in the mail from you!

Specialty items are purchased in quantities, the more you purchase the less each item will cost. I recommend buying an item you can mail and giveaway around town, and that way it serves a double duty. Many of us neglect to ‘get out there’ locally, and promote what we’re doing more often cyber space. Break the spell and do something different to get your name ingrained in the mind of your prospects…

If you have something on-hand that’s small so you can mail it, you also have something that’s also easy to carry with you to give away randomly while you’re out for any good reason. A ‘smart option’ huh? I thought you’d like this idea.

I represent a national specialty items company. Because of it’s size, this national distributor of specialty items can compete with the lowest prices available, anywhere for imprinted items of every description. My first price comparison was for t-shirts. I learned there were a couple dollars per shirt to be saved. My previous t-shirts were purchased from the the largest business and best priced vendor located in my local market.

I encourage you to browse my site for information, and bookmark the site for ideas that capture your marketing imagination today. Get creative with what you say, what colors you use, and don’t consider buying anything that’s expensive to start. Begin by testing the response you get to an item under $1.00, and see what happens for your business and the impression you can make…

When you discover for yourself what a great impression giveaway items make, you’ll have lots of opportunity to purchase your next ‘thing’.


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