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You must put a portion of your marketing focus on the marketing resources available online. While some of us are ahead of others in vital ways, we’re all still learning to do the right things. Aside from a few exceptions to using the web for business marketing, in what seems like no time, having a ‘web plan’ will be as conventional as having a ‘business card’ is today. How have you adjusted your strategy to include web-based tools?

Business owners and managers everywhere are forging ahead in a brave new world of technology advances and serious economic concerns. There are many experienced marketers who don’t see why marketing technology even matters. They’re still thinking, “Things worked successfully without technology, why would I want to learn something new?”

Sure, that’s understandable for some, but ignoring new advancements rejects forward thinking, too. I’ve found that learning about marketing on the Internet is a lot like moving through a virtual, ‘wild’ frontier. Searching online or offline for good information is a tremendous challenge. Finding a ton of information about web services and online marketing is easy.

The test we face is dealing with all the experts with answers, promises and products they think we need to buy. We’re all looking for the most affordable and best way to go about building a successful business. And at the same time, we’re also learning how to market in all new, marketing technology ways.

The experts who have proven themselves capable of making money online, have come up with hundreds of ways to market on the web. Businesses of every size and description are steadily migrating to the web. It’s what I recommend smart marketers to do. But my experience shows, that it’s nearly impossible for anyone to ‘get it right’ on their own.

Getting it right the first time will be a disappointment or worse for many. We all have to safeguard our time and money these days, and real learning takes time… Are you getting it right or still learning how? The difficulty with learning about marketing online, is not because ‘good information’ isn’t available, but because there are so many potential products and services of ‘no real use’ being pitched along the way.

There are many marketers online who sell only what is in their best interest for you to buy… These marketers are waiting to capture your attention everywhere you turn. What they offer are promises of success and fast wealth. What they sell is electronically distributed. Most of what they give is not really a lot of value. But there’s another catch, too.

There are several schools of thought about ‘how to approach’ marketing on the Internet today. The differences were created by the same experts who helped companies, industries, and groups establish a web presence today. Some ways work better than others, and some are considered out right deceptive.

Remember this? All things happen for a reason. I want you to know that a ‘fast deal’ happened to me. It was my worst nightmare, and it happened in a flash. I want sources that I can trust and depend on to give me the answers I need without fear of rip off or run around. I think you do, too. Trust me when I say that it’s much too fast a web world to navigate alone in it, as well.

In recent years many of us have consciously decided to forge ahead, and we’ve learned ‘how to’ in a number of diverse ways. My answer to the question, “But how can this be done with losing your shirt?” is “We do it together, we do it with people we trust.” You develop genuine relationships today, just the same as you did in the past.

The need for real ‘web expertise’ can be fulfilled in part by using the new 21st century way to ‘network’ or search for reputable resources online. Social media networking and marketing is the newest way to learn about a business when you are searching online today. And most importantly, it the best way to learn about the value being offered by a product or service in advance. If an organization has no presence online, they probably don’t want to be found either…

In order to ‘get with marketing technology’ today, a dedicated marketer must start simple. The most natural way of getting involved with marketing technology is by learning about the most popular new thing around today… social networking. Social media provides the collective portal where we can all enter the ‘www’ community. Dive in and make new contacts in reputable places, first.

Evaluate your options like always, person-to-person in time. And above all else, don’t make snappy decisions or be deceived by the charlatans that prey on people exploring the web.


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