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As they say, “be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water.”




Conventional Marketing Methods Are As Vital As Ever… Smart Marketing Must Be Practiced Today Both Offline And Online.

As they say, “be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water.” I’m referring to ‘the best of”… traditional marketing methods. You know, the methods used by everyone for decades before the Internet exploded on to the scene. Contrary to the overall hype, marketing methods used before Internet methods arrived are not obsolete today. Be careful not to let the multitude of online marketing opportunities you come across, wipe away your conventional marketing sensibility.

Marketers today can opt to use both online and offline methods. The number of marketing options we have to chose from and understand have increased exponentially. Now is the right time to carefully work with both the old and the new ways for marketing and promoting your business. A whole new balance between supply and demand continues to emerge and cause reductions in offline viewership, listeners, readership and more. As a result, the rates for most traditional marketing methods are being forced down.

The execution of marketing is both an art and a science, and therefore it’s difficult to judge the benefits your business receives that don’t necessarily translate into sales. The impact of a public relations effort as an example, is an area that has always been difficult to measure. Just the same, marketing efforts related to public relations are for the most part worth their weight in gold.

Word of mouth is a traditional method of promoting a business that carries a powerful punch, and is the most cost effective marketing method around. Of course, the impression you make on everyone on a day-to-day basis can work both ways… depending on the true quality of your product and your service. Don’t under estimate the value of your product and the way you provide a service. Traditional methods were popular for good reason. They are as viable today, and in all new ways.

All business owners and managers must regularly evaluate the value or return on investment a business earns as opposed to what it spends. The total cost of our marketing options must be added to the additional cost of doing business. Right?! Our job as marketers is getting tougher in all kinds of new ways. Also think of the baby you don’t want to throw out, as the return you are expecting to receive, and do the math often!

The best way to review the results of your marketing plan is always the same… carefully, one expense at a time. With each expense there are numerous steps involved to create impact and awareness of your business. Remember to carefully execute every marketing method you use. The quality of your marketing efforts contribute to the total return on investment you will receive. More on quality over quantity another time, but I’m sure you can follow now, what this means. These are offline marketing skills all marketers must practice and improve.

Having a balanced marketing program and a successful marketing plan develops over time and does not happen over night. A smart marketer must consciously compare the ‘results’ with the ‘expenses’ to the ‘profit’ a business actually earns. This may be old news, but approaching a business this way is a critical priority. The ‘return’ each method provides is key to acquiring the profit you seek. It’s important not to disregard any method that’s available to you.

A review of your business balance sheet applied directly to your marketing plan will help you improve the return you get on your marketing investments. Using online and offline methods within your marketing plan will improve the overall cost and results of your approach. But above all else, preparing, using, and revising a marketing plan will guide your business to true profitability.


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