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Mindset And Motivation

Your Mindset – Powers Your Motivation



How Far Can You See Into The Distance?

Fueling Your Motivation Will Get You There


So, what is it that motivates you the most? It’s important to think about what motivates you… if what you want is to stay highly motivated. Knowing your reasons for achieving will empower you in a number of key ways. Mindset and Motivation are always working together and contributing to our future in both positive and negative ways. Sometimes we’re not motivated at all, and sometimes we feel like our motivation is on fire! Your deepest thoughts and ideas about motivation, will reveal the things you care about the most and keep you going.

The key to motivation is maintaining a healthy balance between the extremes. Achieving the balance you need may not be easy a lot of the time… Maintaining motivation is a universal experience most of us face. Rarely is someone coaching or interested in learning about motivation, that hasn’t faced the experience of keeping their motivation high. It’s an age-old challenge, and wise to learn about motivation. Especially, your own!

When it comes to motivation I’ve got lots of experience and lots of passion for getting it right. Above all else, one of the first things anyone can do to improve their motivation is to improve their mindset. The simplest way to begin improving your outlook is to ‘imagine exactly what the future will be like…’ Practice imagining the future often, and it will become second nature. It’s simple but not always easy, I know from years of learning to visualize the future I want for myself.

I posted this quote online just this morning, “No one grows old by living — only by losing interest in living. ~ Marie Benton Ray. What an excellent observation and reminder. It’s a sobering thought and it expresses a lot about how our positive or negative thinking can hinder or help us achieve the right things. Losing interest in living… illustrates how our mindset really does affect our motivation. When we’re not engaged in achieving new things, we’re usually unengaged and only going through the motions of life. Right?! We’re unmotivated, we’re distressed because of it, and we’re not interested in achieving much of anything.

Until you’re keenly aware of your own mindset and motivation, you have hardly put your life in gear! It’s very important to ‘see’ everyday into the future in order to create the life you dream of living. You’ve heard the expression, “Hope floats.” Well it’s true… and it floats you. Without hope and something to ‘look’ forward to in the future, all the effort we make will keep us in one place. The key is to unlock your imagination. The adage is true, “What you think is what your get.”

If you’re in neutral, high or low gear, I encourage you to give more thought to your mindset and your motivation. Think about what you want, be grateful for what you have today, and persevere with determined, consistent, optimism. This may seem like a simple approach to you or not? Doing anything less, will steal your motivation and make it nearly impossible to improve your circumstances in the future. We’ve all been there, I know. Manage your mindset and you’re experience will most certainly improve.


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