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Virtual World: ‘Meeting Online’ Method



Are You And Your Friends ‘Real’ Or Not On The Web?

Online Networking Attracts People Together In All New Ways


It happened in only a few short years and in a way it seems like it came right out of nowhere… The idea of ’social media’ or online networking has grown into a modern, online ‘giant of an idea’. It’s much too large today to still consider ’social media’… a niche or passing trend. That’s crazy thinking. Ignoring social media will not improve your marketing efforts in the future.

Social media has permanently joined the landscape we all live in, share, and work together to maintain. Anyone who is not aware of social media today is likely in a remote, totally relaxed, and solitary place or state. Please send a note, I’d like to join you! Meanwhile and for the rest of us, the social media sites we access online are capable of connecting and communicating globally, in mere moments.

Imagine when communication crossed continents and oceans by word of mouth or with the written word. There was a time when our communication was only delivered in person, between individuals or the heads of communities… That was it, maybe a pony carried it or it traveled by ship or even faster by air.

In complete contrast are the ways we deliver nearly all of the world’s news and information today. Most of it travels in a flash and goes out a second time and many more, through the constant stream of activity, provided by social media sites and online ‘posts’ to each other. A lot of people who may have heard about ‘posting’ yet and don’t actually make posts yet, will probably learn ‘how to post’ in the very near future. The numbers supporting this idea are staggering.

To be alive and active in the world today, personally and professionally, is to be taking an active part in the social media, online networking scene in one way or another. Leave it to exploding technology to come up with a new e-way to hang out. To come up with a way to replace or improve something that we’ve always done naturally, in person and in the same place…

Call it what you want — but we network with each other almost everywhere we go, whenever we meet new people, attend special events, or simply leave home. With every introduction to a new person, we expand our personal and professional contacts. Today we just call it our ’social network’ but it’s all the same thing only bigger…

New friends and associates used to meet only in person… But today, younger and older people alike, are learning to use the Internet in newer and better ways to communicate. Some on an exclusive, constant, and daily basis. Today, most of us are learning how to do a lot of our active networking online. Is it real? I believe it’s only as real as you make it. Over time, make it your mission to become a great example of how ‘it can be done’ and I’m certain your effort will  make a difference.


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