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Should Your Website Be A Blogsite Now?



A Brief Evolutionary History…

It All Happened So Fast, So Now What?


A blog or a web-log is a virtual, online ‘marketplace’ and not just a website or an ‘online’ brochure anymore. It wasn’t that long ago when marketers were adapting to the all-new technology of faxing! It was like magic then, and faxing has been old news for years and has nearly been replaced by newer technologies. Now it’s about blogging, plus shopping, membership sites, and forums, to name a few.

For example, dial-up Internet connections for private use are being rapidly replaced with the once only commercially used, DSL. The DSL is now competing with new, privately used cable and satellite connection services. Things are moving very fast today, and we all know it doesn’t stop here… It was roughly just two decades ago the completely new ‘world wide web’ or Internet was introduced publicly…

Today, the youngest of our population know nothing but Internet technology. The younger generations seldom dials the phones they conveniently carry everywhere. It’s not the new way to communicate with one another, it’s the way. In contrast… there are still a large generation of us who remember the added convenience a long telephone cord stretched around a corner. It gave us great convenience before telephones became totally portable and are no longer connected to a wall at all!

The most popular form of networking today doesn’t even require a live handshake… The Internet is not just a big encyclopedia, and a website is no longer just a new kind of place online to post some helpful information about your business. Being a blogger is already much more than a new way to share an interest on the Internet with your family, friends, or fans.

With all that said, the confusion about a weblog vs. a website is not really all thatl complicated. It’s another change that once again represents improvement. Weblogs are the natural result of website technology advancements over just the last ten years, or less… It took over a decade to get the majority of us to get email connections and use what are still relatively, all new communication habits. So here’s the rub…

No sooner than the bulk of mainstream marketers understood the advantage and need for having a website to conveniently promote a business on a 24/7 basis, things – changed – again. Some marketers are online already, some are not. Many of us who are online have big value issues with our existing sites that we may or may not even know about. It’s really no surprise how things change, and how we’re now being encouraged to use… a blog or a web-log.

Websites were at one time created only by tech specialists or programmers. But today, we can all learn how to do most of it ourselves using all kinds of improved technology methods. That’s progress! Almost no one can afford to disregard using the Internet as a means of marketing any longer. If traffic to your site is not what’s most important, and providing a simple online brochure still suits your needs, it’s OK, and you are not completely alone. When word of mouth is working for you, a brochure is the answer? Salute!

However, the vast majority of websites online today are not strictly resource and reference sites like the online brochure website was in the beginning. What most marketers really want to do with a website today, is give their existing office, warehouse, or storefront businesses an online place to do more business. This is exactly why so many businesses want and must have a Blogsite.

A blog or web-log allows you to add new content and update your site easily and on your own. The rest is another story for another post. Doing it yourself is what makes an ordinary website an active, virtual marketplace for you. It’s the newest way to attract a stream of walk-in traffic or visitors to a site without paying for advertising!

New visitors online or an offline deliver the potential for selling more of your business product or services. Blogs or weblogs are the improved way to market or promote for many, many more businesses online today.


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