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Let’s get together and meet, you show me yours and I’ll show you mine… Long before I learned the sales marketing term, ‘belly-to-belly’ I had lots of experience meeting with people face-to-face. Meeting in-person is one of the best ways to launch or improve a working or personal relationship. I also recognize now that I’m always still learning how important it is to meet people in person, and how to do it right in a world gone global, and postal sometimes, too…

Our opportunities and ways of meeting with each other are changing. Getting together with everyone you associate with is rare. The younger generations are collectively mortified when they have to ‘make a phone call’ and will choose ‘texting’ over a genuine conversation with their friends any day. Far too many people are missing out on the number one offline marketing method.

The benefits of meeting face-to-face, seem to have been minimized among other important business skills today. Networking circles have gone global, too, I know. But… are you still taking the time and making the arrangements to unplug, and meet new people in-person whenever you can? This is the enjoyable part, the real part, the best part of networking and marketing in one activity. Get with it and you’ll likely say afterward, “that was great.”

It’s also great how we can update nearly everyone near or far, on a variety of social networking sites in a few minutes or less. Anytime we like, we can conveniently share photos, videos and more. Our cell phones travel with us everywhere, and we spend a lot less time traveling to sit down and meet with someone else. All new kinds of technologies provide for the greatest part of our real time communication. Technology lets us connect for ‘chats’ anytime we like.

While it may be true, any list of the most important and classic offline marketing disciplines our businesses benefit from, will always include belly-to-belly meetings. The reality is that in the 21st century we will get together in-person with others much less. Just the same, the practice of getting together to meet with others will always matter and be vitally important to your offline marketing expertise.

Sitting down in front of someone else, without a digital expanse between us, encourages us to really get to know someone and engages all of our senses. As you develop your strategic offline marketing methods, your business will always benefit from the respect that is shared in face-to-face opportunities with others.

When you can… be sure to unplug and make it happen in person. Take the time and go the distance to meet with your valuable counterparts regularly. Doing it and doing it right, will reward you and your business greatly for years to come. Just try it and see.


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