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I’ve learned that teachers and books… will often appear when the time is right for learning something new. And that books, have a way of arriving for unique ‘prescription purposes’ of every kind, as well. For both reasons I collect used copies of my favorite books to give away to my friends. I’ve also learned that there’s really no end to the value of acquiring new knowledge in any area you are interested in knowing more about… Frankly, you can’t know it all, and you can hardly know enough at the same time… Especially the way we experience rapid advances in nearly every area of our lives today.

I was a voracious and accomplished reader as a kid. Reading a good novel or two in several sittings used to be one of my favorite pastimes. You may have similar experience of your own. But alas things do change. For many years my reading trend has been toward non-fiction books of every description. For me, reading and learning new things is always time well-spent. To be successful, I’m certain that a smart business owner or marketer has to be dedicated to the continued quest for as much new knowledge as humanly possible.

Sharing my books with anyone who will appreciate and learn from them in the future is a passion. Books prepare us in all kinds of ways to go the distance in life. Books are one of my favorite gifts to receive, and the are universally appreciated by most other people. It’s my firm belief that ‘education and experience’ are priceless activities for the young and old alike… I am tuned in to educational activities often, and I enjoy doing it because I am expanding my capabilities all the time.

Not everyone has a passion for for books or reading the same way I do. While some of my friends and family are avid readers, naturally there are some that aren’t. We all know that television programs and videos offer more detailed educational information then we can begin to view in a lifetime. And lots of people use their cars as classrooms everyday, by listening to recorded materials and stations like PBS on a regular basis while they drive.

I’ve found my own way to contribute… by offering book reviews, reports, and recommendations. It’s how I share the time I spend learning and expanding my knowledge. When someone asks me about what I’m reading… I’ll take a few minutes to give them a fast summary of the books I’ve recently read. I started out doing if for my closest friends who don’t read a great deal themselves. And Voila… over the years, a simple and informal ‘book reporting’ service of sorts was born.

It’s great to have a way to contribute, be prepared, and advance my own education at the same time. When I’m looking for a new title or topic to learn more about, I take a look through the books I have collected from everywhere… In no time it seems, I can always find a good book or two I want to read next. The best part is the books are right on my own shelf waiting for me to read and learn the lessons it contains. My ‘detractors’ may think I have far too many books to manage… But, I get most of my next books at the right price, too!

So whether you read yourself or not, you can count on finding new notes and reviews to learn from, about the books you may or may not read someday. My favorite books have guided me for years, and are the ones I giveeaway and enjoy recommending the most. There are also books I’m reading that are current and relevant to learning about what’s happening right now. I enjoy and share a lot of worthy audios, videos, movies, and great music, too.

Take time to learn something new everyday… Where have you heard that before? Some of the best smart options around have been recycled for generations… because they’re so smart. I hope you will enjoy and benefit from my ‘current reading posts’ in the future. Please be sure to let me know what you think, and whether or not my recommendations are helpful.


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