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As you adapt to all new marketing methods, be careful not to ‘throw out the baby with the bath water.’ That would be… the traditional marketing disciplines that still have the ability to promote your business in all the right ways. You know, the most popular methods used for decades before the Internet ’seemed’ to take over everything, including ‘common sense’ marketing sensibility. If you’ve caught the fever of using online methods of marketing, you want to become aware of how you do everything in the future.

Just because the whole world now shares Internet marketing and ‘communication media’ in all new ways, the marketing methods used for decades before the Internet was born have not become obsolete. Using all forms of marketing to promote your business will benefit your business and your budget, too. There are many strategic options that were always located in your own backyard. Just like Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.”

For now, let’s go back to your own backyard and take a closer look at the opportunities that always existed for 1) promoting your business, 2) widening your leads, and 3) networking purposes. Think simple now, it’s not about technology. Remember about how it was done before the explosion of technology, the rapid speed of communication, and totally mobile phones and computers… If you can’t remember, that’s OK, too.

The good news is that there’s a whole world of marketing opportunity to learn about and available to you. The tip of the offline marketing iceberg represents these smart ideas to start:

  • For example, when was the last time you left home and went networking? Doing something like attending a local Chamber of Commerce function in your community has always been a staple activity for business development. You can reference the calendar of events for Chamber meetings right online, and know exactly when you can get involved, day or night, near home, almost any day of the week.
  • If you like to read your local newspaper… then look and you’ll still find a vast array community and civic events listed day-to-day, week-to-week, and even month-to-month on a regular basis. Then, pick just one event a week to start and make plans to attend it. You may surprise yourself with how many new contacts you can make in a two or three hour, business-related field trip where you simply go out to network with other people.
  • Calculate the ROI for the cost of a local networking event and you will probably find you got a great deal. Getting out of the office will bring you more reward than you remember or may have ever achieved. Marketing doesn’t have to cost an arm or a leg, especially when the impact you’re creating is ‘do it yourself’. After you attend just one good meeting here or there, you’ll start to get invitations to related gatherings in the future.
  • By the way, when was the last time you studied your primary business card? If you can’t remember, then it’s probably time to review and update your business card. Business cards have been evolving for a number of years. Printing cards in full color is standard today where a decade ago, it was still about being able to afford only one or two colors, at best.
  • Also consider adding a promotional twist on the backside of your business card to further market your product or service. Printing on both sides of a card is really not more expensive. Your card is ‘the’ business impression of yourself that you leave in the hands of the people you meet everywhere you go. Make an enticing offer on your business card… Give your prospects and associates alike, a reason for visiting your website or contacting you again.
  • Last thing, do you have a real marketing plan to follow? Every smart marketer must determine a budget no matter how small… and become disciplined enough to follow the plan and stick with a budget. Doing anything less is like making a wild stab at marketing. Allow yourself to follow the ‘use this or try that… now and then’ approach, and you’re likely doomed for failure at a costly expense, as well.
  • Before you do anything online or offline to promote your business, your time spent compiling a marketing plan is the most cost effective way to invest in the success of your efforts in the future. Being creative doesn’t cost a dime when you are using the most basic and popular methods used by marketers who worked in a world that was essentially, unplugged for years.

Pay attention to networking in your own backyard whenever you leave home and see your prospects and referral business will increase. It’s elementary to always keep a business card that represents you and your business updated and current with you for all the right reasons. All marketing methods work in one way or another as the foundation for your business. Most importantly, remember that many of the most popular used offline will always work better than others.


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