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Sage Advice Is Sage For A Reason…


Your mind is made up, you’re in gear, and you have a business of your own to build. This is when the kind of independent actions you’ve been waiting for as a business owner begin to unfold. Congratulations, now you’ll also enjoy the benefits of being a successful entrepreneur. But are you ready… to make success happen? Do you have enough experience and all that, too?

Have you considered your resources, features and benefits carefully? If you have delved into these answers then you’re ahead of the pack and definitely on the right track. If not, you may want to give it some thought now…

When your foundation for going forward is rock solid, it will be time to get creative and enjoy using your marketing strategies. Until then, spend some time defining your goals in an exacting manner and learn to achieve them consistently. That’s a big goal, right?! Well it’s the same goal every successful entrepreneur has achieved.

I want to tell you about a lesson I picked up… the hard way: Avoid accumulating too much information. And I thought it couldn’t happen to me… Practice these kinds of strategic ideas to avoid accumulating too much information. Refer to this list as often as you like, while you master the enormous challenge of business building on your own:

  • Time manage the volume of your email with diligence.
  • Stay focused on your primary purpose and plan…
  • Don’t over subscribe, and unsubscribe on a routine basis.
  • File the information you save in order to ‘use it again’.
  • Be flexible and teachable; make your choices for yourself.
  • Make decisions based on what you know, as you know it.
  • Take it at the pace that’s comfortable for you, and relax.

It all boils down to ‘get the facts and keep it simple’. More sage advice don’t you think? Avoid information overwhelm by 1) staying focused, 2) using discipline, and 3) always discerning the validity of the plan you follow. We can all do these things for the chance to save a lot of time, money, and the set backs from future mistakes. Things may happen for a reason, but it’s still smart to take ‘one thing at a time’.

Always know for yourself, why you’re using the plan of your choice… don’t rush ahead without planning. You’ve got the facts, you’re keeping it simple, and you can protect yourself from overwhelm. Approaching it this way, your activity will fuel the momentum that sets your motivation on fire. Practice taking it ‘one thing at a time’ and get into high gear.

Seems a little ironic but it’s not… Now we’re talking about real possibility and success.


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