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It’s an understatement to say that online marketing strategies have exploded their way into our lives and our business. There’s no doubt either that the dedicated marketer today, wants to have an online presence to help them seek new prospects for their business. With so much information available about marketing online, it’s become nearly impossible to know ‘what to do’ and what really works. Who has the time for experiments anyway? Not me, and not you!

There are three important things that I’d like to tell you about. Please use these ideas for yourself and in just the right way.

  • First, I’ve surfed the world wide web like it was a travel log for information, and I’ve invested many hours reviewing all the information I could find to learn for myself… It’s very likely I’ve been around a few times plus a few too many. When we’re looking for knowledge and experience, teachers and opportunities often seem readily available for the student. The key to getting it right, is finding a mentor or a coach who ‘really has’ your best interest in mind. Read that again, because it matters so much. A dime-a-dozen teacher is just that and no more.
  • Next, a ‘dedicated marketer’ is someone with a level head and an open mind, and is usually part creative and part analytical. Those who are dedicated to the practice of marketing generally understand two important ideas: First, there is ‘no one way’ to do just about anything, and second, there will always be marketing methods ‘not to use’. Marketing makes an impression on people in a subjective way, and it’s true, we’re not all impressed by marketing the same. This is why it takes a careful and experienced mix of the right methods to produce real results!
  • Third, executing online marketing today requires marketers to use internet technology to promote their business. The most successful marketers are the ones who blend conventional marketing methods with a knowledgeable online marketing focus. It’s about learning to manage a marketing fusion of ‘what always worked’ with what ‘works today’ at the same time. It’s not easy, but it can be done in simple ways.

What is a fusion exactly anyway? Fusion conjures up the idea of a controlled explosion for me. Nonetheless… a fusion in this case describes how we’re doing business in an all new and hopefully improved, marketplace place today. That’s right, “we’re not working in Kansas anymore”. Over the last ten years ‘online marketing’ has reached a rare height as an Internet topic, and it has a consuming kind of power unmatched by anything else before.

If you’re relatively new to 1) marketing, 2) the internet, or 3) managing your own business, please listen to this one last thing carefully… It’s important to understand that the Internet and online marketing did not replace traditional marketing methods. Marketing with technology at its simplest, only enhances our ability as marketers to connect with business prospects and clients in an all new way.

In the shadow of all the excitement about the new, global internet marketplace there are still valuable offline or traditional marketing methods to be used. They always existed, still exist, and continue to offer strategic opportunities for marketing success. Fused together, offline and online marketing methods will both be the force that propels marketing efforts into the future in an all new way. It’s all good. The list of options we chose from just got a whole lot bigger.


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