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If you’ve caught the fever and want to learn more about marketing on the Internet, please take my advice and remain realistic… I caught the fever some years back myself, handled it wrong… and learned too much the hard way myself! How about you? There are so many of us today, who really just want to learn how to use online marketing methods to promote our businesses. And it’s the right thing to do, too.

It’s a global crowd that has the fever today. If you have it, then you share the early onset vision for learning how to use the Internet for marketing purposes in the future. But with vision, there’s usually a certain amount of blindness to the realities of something so uncharted. With the Internet it’s especially difficult because there’s no real way to begin to understand what is truly possible in the future.

Take a minute to think about and absorb a few ideas:

  • Navigating your way around to learn how to implement online marketing all alone isn’t wise. It’s like yin and yang because there are also those who are online only to capitalize. These online businesses target the millions of people who are just beginning to search the Internet for ‘how to’ information. Learning with a buddy or mentor is smart so that you can compare notes and experiences with someone else. I’ve done it this way and it helps.
  • Information about ‘online marketing’ is available from everyone and is offered generously almost everywhere you turn. That’s sounds great, but it’s a really a two sided exchange. When we give our email address to someone else to get and receive more information about online marketing, the result is an inbox filled with ‘useless emails’. The greatest majority of those useless emails will be giving you something, pitching you on something, and marketing to you on a mass scale.
  • When you are receiving a lot of useless emails it’s the time when the smart marketer must begin to discipline and keep online marketing simple. Avoid being enticed at all costs, by the hordes of people using online marketing resources and skills today. If you don’t put your guard up and keep it strong it may cost you considerably more later. There are predators on the Internet who spend all their time circling the globe looking for prospects in all kinds of ways. These people want our money and our attention, and they will do or say anything necessary to get it.
  • It seems like everyone wants to ‘help’ everyone else these days. In realistic terms, there are only a few unique people who really do for a fair exchange. My experience shows that some don’t want to do anything but sell you something electronically delivered online, in order to pad their PayPal and merchant accounts. Online marketing is a world totally in sync with ‘marketing by the numbers’. Being a number to someone who sells you something is never in the best interest of a prospect.
  • We all know there are many cautious people who for good reasons of their own have decided that taking part in business online is far too risky. Well it is risky, and a smart marketer must do the right thing and remain realistic for a many good reasons… The road to making money online is a treacherous one and it is not without its challenges.

The good news is that learning about the ‘marketing frontier’ brought to us by the Internet, it’s still a relatively comprehensive area of expertise. Using Internet marketing methods for promoting a brick & mortar or an online business can produce a lot of good results… Most of us have heard so much about ‘this and that’ and the big success stories some of those who are using the Internet for marketing purposes are experiencing.

Like everything else you know only a little about to start, there is a huge learning curve to deal with before anyone can ‘master’ the knowledge and the skills of online marketing. Recognizing this fact and taking conscious safeguards now, no matter where you are along the learning curve, will reduce the risk of your time and money greatly.


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