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Sometimes Your The Cat And Sometimes The Mouse…

It’s Always Worked Like This, Only Now It’s Much Faster


Marketing will always be in many ways about the ‘art of capture’. No matter what you’re selling, you must have prospects. Over the last few  years, marketers of everything you can think of have developed all new ways to reach a multitude of prospects online using the Internet. Marketing technology is fast, too… My teen gets information online for me about anything in no time, whenever I ask. It’s no longer necessary to wonder whether or not a business has a website or extended presence online.

Businesses that don’t take part online, are destined economically to either catch up or go out of business very fast! Global acceptance and the enormous success of the Internet marketplace, is due in part to the way we use the Internet today for quickly communicating about everything. People move around using smart phones that connect to the Internet anywhere, at anytime, and in a single moment’s notice. Our reliance on the Internet isn’t slowing down anytime soon either.

Instead, the trend and even the speed continues to grow exponentially, as more and more and more people get comfortable with the newest devices that are making technology a part of our everyday lives. As technology in all areas advanced, the websites we use started accomplishing all kinds of new online services. Most of us can say today that we purchase for ourselves both online and offline.

We are only now beginning to recognize, after years of data collection, the ways that our specific buying habits and preferences are being recorded on a global basis. Advances in information technology have super enabled many of the biggest businesses on the planet ‘to know our name’. It’s a big enough topic for another blog on its own. At the same time, a prospect who shops online, can compare the prices of competitors and access all the information available on a particular product or service, in a moment’s notice, too. Fast buying and fast selling happens 24/7.

We are all prospects for one thing or another, and a whole lot more of us are familiar with online purchasing, as well as marketers online now, as well. You may be learning more about using the Internet, and about marketing on the Internet for yourself. Using the Internet to market in today’s global marketplace to market your business is smart, but not without its challenges. Even so, the individual with the right knowledge, experience, and mentor to help, can build a successful small business using the Internet, too.

Big businesses have very advanced websites today. Online marketers can easily track the movement of prospects and compare response data of different promotional messages with the click of a mouse. The people who want to sell to us… they know where to find us, too. Ad tracking has always been helpful to marketers, but now the tracking is as fast as the speed of the Internet. It’s fast… and very strategic. Market researching has traveled light years into the future since I took part years ago by interviewing people in-person, in order for a marketer to learn more.

The ‘art of capturing prospects’ has had an all new arena to play on via the Internet for sometime. The online marketplace of the Internet, makes it easier for both marketers and prospects to do business. But the proximity and speed afforded, makes Internet marketing more dangerous, too, for everyone. I have learned the hard way and my experience has been costly.

To get it right, I’ve learned that whether you’re buying or selling, it takes a little longer than our fast-paced habits want to give… The key is taking and accepting the time it takes, no matter what it requires. A successful marketer must get all the facts and work with them accordingly. Do this for yourself and your business because doing it right and successfully is the most important prize of the game.


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