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If you’re the manager of a business that wants to be successful, then the ‘style’ your business projects must be a priority. What kind of impression are your marketing messages making? What’s your style say about your business? Creating a business image with a sense of marketing style is vitally important. Marketing strategies are meant to sell and promote your unique goods and services… And a great business image is priceless.

I’m a marketing director. It’s been my job for years to ‘direct’ promotional efforts the right way. With great marketing efforts we are impressed, responsive, and even entertained for our money. This is the best part about marketing and the foundation of my point today. Yes, we smile, chuckle, tell our friends, get sentimental, even get totally excited by the marketing materials we feel good about, herald, and jump up and down and love. The Super Bowl annually showcases great examples of marketing with style that people remember in a very positive way.

Think about it… Sure, some professionals disregard the use of ’style’. But that doesn’t make it right. We see it all the time… and sometimes we even wonder, “what were they thinking?” Right?! The worst advertising and marketing materials are always the ones that lack good style. Some were produced for free and the result clearly illustrates how, “you get what you pay for”, too. Some are ‘DIY’ projects and it usually shows. There are offline marketing methods you want to take into account before going public with your business message.

We’ve all seen unattractive marketing pasted on billboards, bus benches, and on trucks. Open up the yellow pages, watch television, or read a magazine or newspaper. You’ll find poorly executed promotion used in just about every conceivable way to market almost anything. Don’t even get me started about the use of style on the Internet, either.

All too often a client wants to let a family member provide or weigh in on a professional project, by taking the photos, shooting a video, doing the web design, and much more. Marketing without style conjures up images that are loud, neon-colored, bold, fast, and stuffed to the limit of the time or space. It’s a familiar ‘look’ that makes just about anyone cringe except… the people who create it, sell it, buy it, and use it.

Take my advice, check your style or lack there of and do the right thing all the time and without fail. A smart marketer learns to think about having a great image or style as ‘the cost of doing business’. Consider this… what if your business was making more money and had more customers? How come? Because you were looking good and making great first impressions every time by marketing with style. Don’t debate it, just do it! Get some help if you need it.


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