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3: Learn To Work With Marketing Technology



Mastering Marketing Technology Requires Knowledge_____

Be Willing To Learn Lots Of New Tricks

Learning To Use Marketing Technology Today Is Absolutely Vital



There’s no doubt that smart marketers must develop an online presence to compete for the new prospects that will frequent their business. Knowing ‘what’ to do, or knowing ‘what’ really works is nearly impossible… It’s difficult for almost anyone, like you and me, to be confident about knowing who to ‘ask’. And it’s like winning the lotto if it turns out that it was the right thing to do, when you trusted the someone you called on or hired, too.

For this reason it’s no wonder why, Learn To Work With Marketing Technology is the third step recommended by Marketing Methods for building a solid marketing foundation for your business. It’s an understatement to say that online marketing has exploded on to the promotional scene. The overwhelming amount of information available about marketing technology is staggering. Who has the time or the budget for experiments? It’s not me, and I’m certain it shouldn’t be you.

A truly ‘dedicated marketer’ is someone with a level-head and an open mind. They must be part creative and part analytical. Those who are dedicated to marketing recognize there’s no ‘one way’ to do anything. They also know there will always be new ways and old ways of doing the basic things. Because marketing has a subjective effectiveness, this requires a marketer to adopt a mix of the right methods to produce real results.

A number of years ago I took an avid interest in finding out much more about internet technology. In doing so I uncovered what I also wanted to know about marketing online. Even as an experienced marketer, it has not been an easy process or without a lot of challenges. The truth is that the mastery of marketing technology is a huge undertaking. It turns out that ‘the way it’s always been done’ is not enough, when it used to be ‘the way’ not much more than a decade or so ago.

Today, the ‘art of marketing’ and the ‘science of marketing’ are adjusting to include an entirely new marketing field of study. The new study and vital focus of dedicated marketers today, now includes the the ‘mastery of marketing technology’. This is big. But it’s also fundamentally simple in nature, too.

You’ve heard the expression, ‘paradigm shift’… Maybe you’ve considered ‘how’ you could benefit from a paradigm shift?To benefit from a paradigm shift you must simply be, in the right place, at the right time, harvesting the rewards of a ‘phenomenal’ new way of doing something universally familiar in a different way. Read that again and let the simplicity sink in.

Think television clickers and how they introduced an all new way of changing the channel… What about the concept of ‘bottled water’… who would have ever thought. Right?! Both things are examples of really big paradigm shifts… or changes in the way we all do something. Music styles shift, fashion evolves, we adapt to scientific breakthroughs, and the focus of social causes change. These are the kind of things we refer to today as a ‘paradigm shift’.

Today, the biggest paradigm shift underway today, is all about the advancements we have for using technology in order to market our business. Companies that make it their business to Learn To Work With Marketing Technology, and are following the third step recommended by Marketing Methods for building a solid marketing foundation for your business. Businesses with marketing strategies designed for the future are using many of the resources only the Internet can provide. You and I should, too.


Now you’re getting into something smart…

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