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You need credible information and lots of it. You're doing as much as possible for yourself and learning how to promote your business. No problem, Marketing Methods is here with small business support to empower you anyway you want.

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We all need a spare hand now or then. Marketing Methods will assist you with large or small projects, on an immediate, occasional, or ongoing basis. Think: Responsive service on your call, customized to your needs, affordable and effective.

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Instruct You

To get it done you must know how... Learning curves waste time and money. Whether it's a marketing skill or new technology, branding, websites, or social media, Marketing Methods has the know-how about what you need to know.

Do It Yourself & Save

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Working together, you do what you do well and Marketing Methods can assist you with the rest. For the specialized areas of your plan, together we'll ID the best resource for the product or service your marketing plan calls for to make sure it's right.

Protect Your Future

Adopt a 'Mindset Then Marketing' approach for building your business, because truly affordable and effective marketing methods are unlimited. Think, plan and then get creative! - Michele Anderson

Mindset And Motivation

Business thrives on a 'Mindset Then Marketing' approach. Ideas born of your mindset motivated you to create your business. 'Visionary Thinking and Problem Solving Ideas' have led the mindset of Marketing Methods for over 15 years. The way you think and your mindset, guides you and determines how your future will unfold. Mindset fuels your motivation and the undertaking of the marketing that is instrumental to the profit or loss of your business. The future of a small business requires a strong and disciplined focus on both mindset and marketing...
Articles About Mindset And Motivation

Marketing Strategies

While the options may seem endless, there are but nine major areas of marketing that can be identified among your choices using both online and offline marketing methods today. Narrow your perspective and in turn you will expand your knowledge of marketing strategies. For a business to be profitable, you must calibrate every method used to your specific budget and objectives for the results to be truly effective and most importantly, affordable. It's vital to learn how to evaluate what you are doing both before and after you strike with each qualified strategy included in your marketing plan....
Articles About Marketing Strategies

Marketing Technology

Marketers today must take part and use an entirely new world of marketing resources offered by the constant stream of new advancements in technology and the Internet as an everyday communication tool. For a business to develop a recognizable brand, maintain awareness, and attract new prospects, it requires forging an 'online' presence and authority that provides the modern foundation for all marketing methods. Piece by piece, precise marketing technology being utilized today reaches further with more frequency as it connects your business to the world and your targeted market...
Articles About Marketing Technology

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This is cool! - Ongoing 'Small Business Support' Projects Include: Consulting Sessions, Simple Assistance, Specific Services, Qualified Referrals, Fees By The Hour, Pay As You Go, Affordable And Effective, On Your Call, Marketing Plans, Budgets, Strategies, Copywriting, Editing, Concepts, Branding, Graphic Design, Logos, Advertising, Social Media Networking, Websites, Blogging, Special Promotions, Special Events, Work Together Or Independently, Short-term or Long-term, Mindset And Motivation Coaching, Encouragement, Collaboration, New Partnerships, Free Ideas Always, Free Online Generated Website Performance Evaluations, And More...


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